Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Keep Toying With It Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I'll be in Lubbock on Saturday, the first game of the year. I'm driving down with a couple friends early Saturday morning (leaving from DFW). If you see a guy in a DTN t-shirt, that's probably going to be me, there are only 2 in existence and I have one of them. I've got no tailgate or anything like that, so feel free to send me a message on Facebook (search for "double t nation") and I'll see if we can't figure out a place to meet or feel free to invite me to where ever you are.

I appeared on the college football blog radio show, College Football Weekly earlier this week, along with A Sea of Blue (Kentucky), And The Valley Shook (LSU), Bleed Scarlet (Rutgers), Burnt Orange Nation (Texas) and Crimson and Cream Machine (Oklahoma). I'm up first, and I'm not perfect, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Check it out.

Texas Tech Football:

DT's Alex Ybarra takes a closer look at the "Elf" Formation, which is essentially a receiver, typically Michael Crabtree or Eric Morris, both former high school quarterbacks, lined up in the backfield, where the running back usually lines up taking the direct snap from center and having the option of handing the ball off, running, or passing. Here's Morris:

"I played quarterback in high school so I'm familiar with it," said Morris, who had 24 touchdowns by way of 926 yards rushing during his senior year in high school. "We ran the zone read a lot. It's something I haven't done in a couple years, but I'm kind of getting back in the swing of things now, and it's always exciting to have the ball in your hands and be able to make decisions out there."

Receivers coach Lincoln Riley had this to say about this formation:

"It's just something we're playing with, we've always tried to get the ball in all the skill guys hands," receivers coach Lincoln Riley said. "If we can find new ways to do it, we'll do that. If we see a team that we like it against, we may throw it out there or we may not. We're just gonna keep toying with it."

From Behind Enemy Lines: LAJ's Adam Zuvanich takes a look at Nebraska receiver Nate Swift . . . Big Red Network asks if Nebraska knows how to spring an upset . . . StatePaper's Samuel McKewon says the Nebraska offense is getting back to basics, Bo Pelini is staying the course, and looks back at the Missouri loss.

Conference Happenings: The Chron's Joe Duarte's Big 12 Notebook . . . Big 12 Sports' Wendell Barnhouse looks at the Big 12 quarterbacks as well as other conference news and notes . . .

Neglected Video:  Fox34 looks back at Texas Tech's most recent encounters with Nebraska, make sure and stay tuned for the entire video as there's a great shot of Brandon Carter with his mohawk all mohawked out . . .
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