Post Game Quotes: Texas Tech vs. Kansas State


Graham Harrell on offensive play today . . .

"We really played well as a team, the offensive line did a great job. I felt like I had all day back there. It starts with the offensive line and when they play well I play well. The receivers did a great job as well. As an offense I think this is the best we have played all year."

Baron Batch on running the football . . .

"It was fun. It was fun to go out there and drive it down their throats and just make a statement. I was pretty happy with the first drive."

McKinner Dixon on adjusting to KSU QB Josh Freeman . . .

"We just played our keys, got off the ball, played excited and played aggressive. We were able to play physical with their offensive line and make the pocket collapse on them a little bit."

KSU head coach Ron Prince's opening statement . . .

"We were thoroughly beaten today by a very good football team on both offense and defense, particularly on both lines. Their offensive line and defensive line were terrific. We were out-physicaled for a bulk of the game. I thought their playmakers on offense were fantastic. They made the plays that needed to be made and we didn’t."

KSU head coach Ron Prince on slowing down Texas Tech and Graham Harrell . . .

"One of the things that makes them a very good team is that their offensive line is so big and so massive that you can’t really bull-rush them into his lap. And when you do, he’ll have the poise to throw it to certain spots that he’s been throwing it to for a long time. He knows the routes inside and out and his guys go get the ball and make him look really good in those moments when the pocket is compromised. They do a very good job of getting the ball out quickly to beat the blitz. They’re very confirmed in throwing the football. Because of that a lot of runs open up, but they’re very committed to throwing the football. The number of times they throw it, the parts of the field they throw it to, they never get discouraged in throwing the football and they’re very good at it and they have the offensive line to hold up under that kind of deal and when they need to run it they get very good looks and they are very big and very physical."

KSU QB Josh Freeman on the mindset of the team . . .

"I am embarrassed. As a quarterback and leader of the offense, it is unacceptable to play the way we played. We can learn from this and we have to put it behind us. Tomorrow is another day and they are going to make us play another game in seven days."

KSU DE Ian Campbell on the Texas Tech offensive line . . .

"I thought that they did their job very well. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to give Graham Harrell time. I did not do well enough to get to him as often."
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