A NUw team...a bunch of questions

Yesterday was the first time i have ever left a game with a headache. 

On fourth-and-5 from his own 36 with 4:30, Leach sent his offense out to try to draw Nebraska offside.

The Huskers stayed put, but center Stephen Hamby snapped the ball anyway. So Harrell went deep to All-American Michael Crabtree, who made a the catch for 47 yards.

"If he was just a little covered, I would go to him," Harrell said. "I threw it up there and he made the play."

Man did anyone else fall out of there seat on this one? 

1.  The team we faced yesterday that called themselves Nebraska...was in fact a Nebraska team that was trying to show the Big 12 that they are not the team that played Mizzu.  And when i read in one of the the many many post and it said that NU was going back to the basic i was not surprised that they were running the ball and the option.

2.  Texas Tech Def. Cord. "Rufwhoever" was still just playing a base defense all night i was trying to count the times i remember seeing more than a 4 man rush and of all the 4 time i remember 3 of which caused NU to rush the pass.  We may be 7-0 after the A&M game but if we play the same defense we just saw we will end up at  9-3 for the season dropping to 4th in the big 12 and once again failing to go to a big bowl game.  UT, OU, and Kansas(for what they seem) will roll our defense for 50+ points and all but KU have a defense that will severely slow down our offense.

3.  The only thing that keeps me even kind of positive from yesterdays game is the fact that the offense never got discouraged.  But looking at the side lines i cannot say the same for the defense. 


1.  Why if we have a defense that has schemes did we not use them when we  were about to lose.

2.  For Leach being a smart coach after that almost miss extra point why did he not give the ball to the play makers to go for 2...

3.  Carona just can't kick in game atmosphere.   I don't care if leach has to line everyone up at practice and run his starting D straight at them putting them under preasure to kick and have everyone try kicking extra points.  Carona lost the game for TT yesterday he owes Wall lunch and dinner for a week.  What can leach do about this if Carona is the best kicker how bad is the backup kicker?

4.  I don't think i have ever heard Leach so nice after a game as he was with this one was he in shock?

5.  After the first punt of the game did anyone else feel really bad about how this game was going to be?

6.  Will our team look past A&M towards KU, UT and OU after yesterday and give them(a&M) a chance to make the game close?

7.  How do you feel the overall ref calling was for the game?

We live and die by our team and i will yell for them as loud as i can but man we need a def.

side note: man the o line looked good still only 1 sack on the season i was impressed

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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